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Treasury's evolution to participate in corporate's ESG initiatives

Treasury’s Evolution to Participate in Corporate’s ESG Initiative

In times like today’s where the world is facing unprecedented disruption – many companies around the globe are re-evaluating their business models and strategic priorities. In earlier times organizations’ stance on ESG issues was a public relations tactic. However, in today’s rapidly changing business climate, attention to ESG issues is becoming critical to long-term competitive …

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Currency Volatility

The Indian Rupee (INR) has been one of the strongest performing Asian currencies this year and has appreciated steadily with the spot USD/INR rates settling between USDINR 63.60 to USDINR 64.60 since April 2017. Strong capital inflows have helped the Indian Rupees cause along with RBI’s hawkish stance. This narrow range of USD/INR movement has …

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Challenges For Corporate Treasurer

This article is authored by C M Grover, Executive Director, IBSFINtech and published in CIO Magazine, October 2015 issue. Read complete article here: Globalization has been the driving force for evolution of today’s business environment such that the world is growing smaller and closer, the markets are becoming turbulent and businesses are becoming smarter! This …

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Treasury Management Peripheral Application

Is Treasury Management lost in the pile of Peripheral Applications? If this question was asked 10 years ago, the answer might have been a “Yes”. But in today’s scenario, an ideal answer to this question is “NO, it definitely can’t be”. As per latest Survey & Report by Bloomberg, currently 58% of organizations have deployed …

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Treasury Management Tips

Rapid shift of economic activity and constant turbulence in the forex markets have inspired many CFOs to strengthen their treasury divisions. These turbulent times demand real-time decision making capability; the impact of delay in decision making is amplified when treasurers are unable to forecast cash flow accurately and hence land up over-borrowing or under-borrowing or …

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Being Currency Aware

It has become evident for every organization dealing across international markets to manage currency risk. Owing to the financial impact these international market dealings bring in, today’s CFOs are becoming “Currency Aware” or trying to become “Currency Aware”. What does it mean to be Currency Aware? Though self explanatory, being Currency Aware implies awareness about …

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