FinTech is an ever-evolving cutting-edge technology-driven part of the finance industry. The world is treading down a path where digitization and automation are the currency for the future. The opportunities the field provides are tremendous and our employees are always set with their thinking hats on for innovative ideas and pragmatic solutions. We at IBSFINtech strive to make digital transformation in treasury management systems a reality for corporations around the world. And we do the same through a bunch of dedicated talented people who stop at nothing to forge ahead. The open cabins and conference rooms that stage hours of vigorous brainstorming sessions are what make IBSFINtech alive. The culture we foster here gives us complete freedom to think outside the box and produce purple cows that can disrupt the treasury management of corporations.

The portfolio of products that includes both On-prem and SaaS solutions and a trusted network of clientele is the result of collaboration, teamwork, and persistence to achieve the goal we set to make for the progress of this firm. The open work atmosphere gives us 360-degree access to all the expertise we can leverage, regardless of the functions or projects individuals work on. At the end of the day, it’s all for the firm’s growth. Hence, the boundaries of the team dissolve to permeate the emotion of the single team, which is IBSFINtechers. TreasuryTech can be demanding and most times challenging to get creative and practical at the same time, but the tenacious attitude of ‘let’s make it happen’ sets the sky as the limit for our employees to explore and develop their ideas.

It’s been 15 years since the inception of IBSFINtech, and the firm has witnessed firsthand the evolution of the fintech industry. From being a company with On-Prem solutions we have now entered into the SaaSification process with SaaS TMS InTReaX and SaaS Supply Chain Finance solution VNDZY® . Throughout the journey, our team pursued numerous hurdles to be the APAC chosen treasury software of South Asia. Each of our employees had different stories of milestones and victory through different verticals of the firm, and every single one of them is a legacy of IBSFINtech history. It makes us proud of the people we have in our family and feel grateful for their dedication to the work they do here. As for IBSFINtech, another chapter of the future unfolds each day.

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