We are excited to share that IBSFINtech has been acknowledged and awarded at Adam Smith Asia Awards 2018 for the second time in a row. IBSFINtech has been recognized and awarded as Technology Partner to JSW Group – The winners of Best Solution in India.

As per JSW – the company was exposed to risks arising from market volatility, economic fluctuations and political events affecting currencies and interest rates. JSW identified IBSFINtech’s innovative treasury 5.1i solution to help the company to transitions from spreadsheets and automate end-to-end treasury operations.

Mr. C M Grover, IBSFINtech’s MD & CEO, who represented the company at the award ceremony held in Singapore, quoted, “I am excited to receive this award with our client JSW and continuing the same performance as a technology partner. Looking forward to keeping up with this performance for the upcoming years as well.” 

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